Portable SSD

Product description

You want your data to be in safe hands even though it is stored on a portable device? You are worried about losing the storage device and with it all yourdata? With Ukos Global UGK 5 encrypted USB flash drive you are wellprotected.

Thanks to the encryption on the USB stick, your data will continue to beprotected even if you lose the storage device. The Type-C USB 3.0 interface enables uncomplicated use on the go. You can backup 32GB of your data on theencrypted USB stick.

With only 20g, the technical companion is a lightweight and also convinces witha noble zinc alloy. Sounds good? We think so too!

Product features:

Additional information


Type C USB 3.0


512 GB

Product size (Length x Width x Height)

62 mm x 32 mm x 10 mm


35 g

Material of the housing

Aluminium Alloy

55,00  incl. Vat