Password Protection SSD

Product description

Data security is our top priority. The UGK 4 password-protected USB stick pairsdata security with practicality.

With a unique password, which the user creates himself, the data on the SSD hard drive remains protected. Only when the chosen password is entered, accessto the stored data is possible. The password-protected SSD is extremelycompatible with the Type C USB 3.1 interface. A storage capacity of 512GB and a weight of only 40g allow the storage device to be practical and versatile. An anodized aluminum alloy protects the device from external influences such asscratches.

A secure storage of your data combined with the additional password encryption- data security adapted to our current digital world.

Product features:

Additional information


Type C USB 3.1


512 GB

Product size (Length x Width x Height)

79 mm x 49,5 mm x 8 mm


40 g

Material of the housing

Anodized Aluminium Alloy

72,00  incl. Vat